We offer complete solutions of electronic commerce, cradles in the most habitual standards as Prestashop, Joomla or WordPress, with all the adaptations necessary to do of each somewhat special project. And if you want to go beyond the standards, we can make programming to size.

We include projects of store online of all the spreads and commercial scopes. You do not put limits, explains your idea to us and we will study the best way to take it to end.

Our work also includes the formation in content managers, so that you have autonomy and capacity to handle your business online, but always you will be able to count on the support of a professional equipment as the one of Lugonet.

Our developments are optimized of native form for the positioning in Google, although always it is necessary to realise specific adjustments to adapt the position to your commercial criteria.

With the store online your business will be open 24 hours to the day, 365 days to the year and will be accessible in any place with access to Internet. The problem is that in those conditions many other commerces exist, by that reason are necessary complementary actions.

Lugonet can help you to conduct those battles: Preparation of newsletter (bulletins of new features), creation and maintenance of social networks and blogs, publicity online.

More than 200 clients they guarantee to us

Our better letter of presentation is our clients. Than 200 clients more satisfied they guarantee our good for being in and superb service.