The great part of the projects of Lugonet incorporates a system of management of contents, which allows the client to by itself update texts of its website, the images, the prices of an electronic commerce or the documents. However, some actions exist that are not possible to realise through a manager of contents, or the client prefers not to assume that work.

To those cases in Lugonet we have an ample equipment with capacity to give satisfactory answer in the smaller possible time. The client can take refuge in a maintenance plan or contract the services of Lugonet per hours, which is more advisable at every moment.

By all means, there are actions that are including in the minimum maintenance, as the supervision on the servant, the backup copies or some updates.

More than 200 clients they guarantee to us

Our better letter of presentation is our clients. Than 200 clients more satisfied they guarantee our good for being in and superb service.