Referring in design Web in Galicia

Lugonet developments, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is the reference in developing Lugo and design Web, and one of the companies of reference in Galicia. Ever since this project arose, in 1997, our challenge has been to offer to the enterprise sector lucense the possibilities that are opened with Internet, adapting us to the constant technological evolution and the new opportunities of the digital era.

Experience and commitment

We are a team of seven people (programmers, designers, technicians of systems, specialists in marketing online) with the experience and qualification necessary to offer a work of quality and guarantee, and with the illusion and the commitment to make new every time better projects.

The equipment amplitude allows us to carry out multidisciplinary works, of spreads very varied, while we guaranteed technical and commercial the attention that require the maintenances of the websites and of the different applications for Internet that we took to end. 17 years of experience in the sector of the design Web and more than 200 clients guarantee our reliability and good for doing.

Scope of action

Over the years, the scope of action has been extended, so that although the thickness of our clients is indeed in Lugo, realised and maintains projects for clients of Vigo, To Corunna, Madrid, Barcelona and other points of Galician and Spanish geography.

More than 500 clients they guarantee to us

Our better letter of presentation is our clients. Than 500 clients more satisfied they guarantee our good for being in and superb service.