If you wish informaci? n on our services and tariffs or knowledge if that idea is viable that goes up to around the head to you you can cover the form with this same p? gina or to call by tel? phono:
Tel? phono:
Copy in the picture of down the following n? mere:

The person in charge of the treatment of his data is DEVELOPMENTS LUGONET SL. Its data to be? n tried in order to respond to its request and, where appropriate, to make a commercial proposal and to make pursuit of the same. Legitimaci? n for the use of its data est? cradle in obtenci? n of its consent.

We ask for its consent to realise the following treatments (if You AUTHORIZE marks with one? X? the square qualified to the effect):
To offer informaci? n to trav? means s different (SMS, post office electr? nicos, fax, ordinary mail or others) on products and services that our company lends and that podr? an to be from its Inter? s.
Not to yield itself? n data to third parties, except for obligaci? legal n, and s? to be realised? international transference of its data to organizations as Google Suite or other servers of mail electr? nico that is under habilitaci? n in the USA-Uni agreement? European n Privacy Shield (more informaci? n:, organizations that have demonstrated that they fulfill the level of protecci? n and garant? ace in agreement with the pair? meters and exigencies anticipated in the effective norm in the matter of protecci? n of data, as the European Regulation, or when habilitaci exists? legal n to realise the international transference. Not to be realised? n an? lisis of profiles.

In order to exercise its rights of access, rectificaci? n, supresi? n or limitaci? n of the treatment, can go a: C SAN ROQUE, 4-2? The PREMISES 4, 27002, LUGO, or to trav? s of the mail. Also, have right to interpose one does reclamaci? n before Espa Agency? wave of Protecci? n of data if it considers that their rights have been harmed.