The Average Cost and Value of a Website

There is no standard price for website cost. The general rule is that you get what you pay for when talking about website value. Just as a relatively expensive site is expected to have lots of features and functionalities, cheaper sites tend to have fewer features and less content. Therefore, the overall cost of a website depends on its features and functionalities.

Like other products, the cost of web design has changed over time. This is mainly due to variations in the value associated with websites. The cost of web development has reduced over time. This can be attributed to the fact that website design has become more streamlined recently. Consequently, more businesses find it easier to own their websites.

The reason for volatility in the cost of website

Responsiveness is now an essential element in web design. Responsiveness of a website means that the site functions perfectly on all devices – desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. One of the reasons for the difference in the cost of a website is the need for responsive web design.

Another reason for the fluctuation in site value is the emergence of new and more useful tools. These tools make it easy for designers to make captivating sites. Advancements in tools make web design relatively more affordable and easier. There are several free web design tools available to the public, making it cheaper to create websites compared to what was obtainable few years back.

However, it is advised that businesses hire the service of professionals for a more reliable and responsive website.

Changes in the Base Cost of Website Design

Studies have shown that the base cost of website design has dropped in the last decade. Two major factors have been identified to be the cause of the decline.

One of the factors leading to the decrease in the cost is the increase in the number of web designers or marketers in the market. The other factor leading to the decline in base price is the availability of modern tools that make it easier for designers to create websites.

The factors mentioned above have also resulted in some unforeseen results. One of the major effects is the increasing disparity in the cost of web design. It has also led to businesses needing to put in extra efforts to differentiate their site from others.

What is the monthly cost of having a website?

The monthly cost for a site depends on the services the business utilizes. For firms that have internet marketing packages that include ongoing optimization or other such services, the monthly web developments costs are usually similar.

Yearly Website Cost

The number of associated services, as well as one-time-only charges or projects, determine the annual cost of the website. However, determining the annual cost for a site is difficult unless the business identifies the needed services. Therefore, it is advised that companies understand their needs and the kind or size of the website that will suit their purpose.

Some Common Website Components and Their Costs

The more features, components, and functionalities a site has, the higher the price. While some of the components are ongoing, others are one-time investments. Below is a brief breakdown of the different elements of a website.

Domain Name

The domain name of a website is the unique name, which appears in the URL for a website. It is similar to a fingerprint and unique to the owner. It is an ongoing investment, as businesses need to register it annually and factor it into the cost of maintaining the website.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the service that allows other internet users to access the site. A web host provides space on its server for the site, which allows people across the globe to view it. The cost of web hosting ranges from $75 to $200 yearly.

Content Management System (CMS)

The cost of CMS ranges between $0 and $15,000+ per year depending on the platform chosen. CMS allows the owner of the website to edit information on the site without editing any code or messing up any file.

Website Design or Theme Creation

The cost of web design varies, and it could range from a zero budget to world-class quality. For CMS like WordPress sites, website design takes a few steps as designers could create a theme or skin to apply to the site. The cost of quality website design ranges between $250 and $20,000 and is the initial investment.

Other components of websites that determine the eventual cost include copywriting, eCommerce functionality, Search Engine Optimization, multimedia design, database integration and ongoing site maintenance. It is recommended when building any website that you hire an expert on Houston SEO and web design.